Do you know the difference between Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage?

To be honest, many people do not know the difference – and through this post, we would like to educate our clients a little bit so you can enjoy your treatment at Retreat Massage and Wellness.

In short, Deep Tissue Massage is a firmer pressured massage. Think of a Relaxation Massage but with a deeper pressure that focuses on the deeper layer of muscles and tissue.

Remedial Massage is an assessment and treatment of the client’s muscles, ligaments, tissues and tendons. It is a massage to assist with the rehabilitation, pain management and injury management. A Remedial Massage is planned for the specific client, so the techniques used for one remedial massage client may be different to another. Remedial therapists are qualified through years of education, training and experience.

At Retreat Massage and Wellness we have a handful of very qualified and experienced Remedial Therapists that can help you with your pain and injury management. We like to classify Remedial Massage as a ‘treatment’ and Deep Tissue as a ‘massage’ – hope this helps and we look forward to seeing you at the Retreat soon.

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