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Have you heard of ear candling before?

Are you a bit sceptical on the effects or benefits?

Below is some information that may change the way you think about ear candling.

An ancient healing treatment, ear candling has received increased interest and revival in the modern days. It was used by a variety of ancient cultures such as American Indians, Egyptians, East Asians and Europeans.

Ear candling is a pain-free and effective treatment that is used for headaches, sinusitis, postnasal drop, sore throats as well as other ear disorders like tinnitus, swimmers ear, infections and excessive wax.

It is recommended to receive ear candling when you are suffering from upper respiratory congestion after a bad cold as it will clear the nasal passages.

Even though you may think one ear appears to be the problem, it is always recommended to treat both ears in the one session.

Ear candling can be added to your massage at Retreat Massage & Wellness for $30

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