One of the oldest healthcare systems in the world, acupuncture originated from China over 2,000 years ago.  Acupuncture is a respected alternative medicine that has been used to treat a large number of conditions

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a healing procedure that uses fine, sterile (single use) needles inserted into specific points in the body.   The purpose is to release the body’s Chi(Qi or energy) to alleviate pain and stimulate healing.  Scientists claim acupuncture can promote endorphins (pain blockers), improve blood circulation and calm the mind.  Most people who have undergone acupuncture say they are relaxed and energised after the treatment.

Acupuncture and fertility

According to the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), infertility is the result of blockages to the Qi and blood circulation.   These blockages result in deficiency (disruption to sexual functions), stagnancy (blood restrictions to vital organs like the uterus) and heat (inflammation on semen quality and gynecological infections).  Acupuncture can alleviate this condition and promote fertility. 

The benefits of acupuncture to fertility

Trying to get pregnant?  Have you considered acupuncture?  Australia’s most established IVF clinic and fertility program says that acupuncture may be able to help.   Monash IVF recommends women who are trying to conceive naturally to consider a 12-week regular acupuncture therapy.

Here’s what the specialists say about acupuncture’s benefits to fertility:

  • Improve blood flow to ovaries and endometrium. 

Acupuncture stimulates blood circulation.  Increased blood flow may encourage ovaries to function at peak.  Increased blood flow can also strengthen the walls of the uterus.

  • Regulate hormones

Acupuncture is effective in preparing a patient for an IVF cycle.  Acupuncture regulates hormones, improves menstruation and promotes ovulation. 

  • Reduces stress

If you have been trying to get pregnant for months, stress is not going to make it easier.  Acupuncture is relaxing and calming.   It is an excellent therapy for reducing stress and anxiety. 

Acupuncture and male fertility

Falling pregnant involves both parties.  Acupuncture’s restorative benefits can help your partner improve energy levels, manage weight, reduces stress and anxiety, promote cardiovascular health and all the wellness benefits that can make it easier to conceive.

The benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy

Do you know that acupuncture is effective in alleviating pregnancy discomforts?  The modern mom is busy.   Imagine juggling work with family.  Add to that the multiple discomforts from pregnancy and you will understand why we say mothers are superhuman beings.

Instead of suffering nine months of discomfort, consider acupuncture to make your pregnancy more enjoyable.

Here are some benefits you can derive from acupuncture:

  • Morning sickness
  • Nausea
  • Lower back pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Low energy levels
  • Mental and physical lethargy

Acupuncture and your third trimester

The final trimester is one of the most trialing times of your pregnancy.  As you approach your baby’s birth, you will naturally feel more stress and anxiety. The physical discomforts associated with your growing belly could give you pain or tire you.  During your third trimester, acupuncture can relieve pain, reduce stress and restore energy so you are better prepared for the birth.  

Acupuncture and post-partum recovery

Acupuncture is a well-known remedy to assist post-birth recovery.  Acupuncture supports new mothers by:

  • Restore blood

The birth process can take a heavy toll on your blood supply.  Acupuncture improves blood circulation to vital organs.

  • Restore energy levels 

Acupuncture is restorative. After an emotionally-charged event like a birth, you will appreciate acupuncture’s gentle intervention to restore your energy levels.

  •   Regrow hair

Hair loss during and after pregnancy is common.  It is the result of stressed blood circulation.  Acupuncture can be applied to target areas to promote hair growth.

  • Moderate postpartum depression

It’s normal for new mothers to feel disconnected and overwhelmed.  Acupuncture is effective in reducing depression, stress, anxiety, and irritability.  

  • Promote general wellness

Acupuncture is excellent in restoring the mind and body.  It helps bring health and balance back so you can better cope as a new mother.

Acupuncture is painless.  It is a safe and gentle therapy that is suitable for fertility, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy.  You deserve some pampering regardless of what stage of pregnancy you are in.  Book an acupuncture today and experience its restorative benefits. 

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