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Retreat Massage and Wellness is a wellness centre that cares about your body, mind and soul. Our qualified and experienced massage therapists are here to assist with getting your body to function from chronic pain or injury or just to relieve the daily stress through a good treatment. We have a variety of treatments to choose from and we provide complimentary tea or coffee after the treatment for the clients to have a chance to unwind after the massage and slowly adjust to real-life outside the doors.

There are over 10,000 minutes in a week, spare 60 minutes of your time to experience the Retreat for your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Massage Gold Coast

Massage Services

At Retreat Massage and Wellness, we have a variety of different treatments to suit everybody.

Remedial Massage is the process of an assessment and treatment designed specifically for each client – the Remedial Massage treatment is not a “one-fits-all” approach. The treatment helps the body recover from chronic pain or injury and also assists with mobilisation and restore function of the injured area.

Private Health Fund rebates apply.

Our qualified female Remedial Massage Therapists perform the pregnancy massage to relieve the discomfort and general pain in shoulders, neck, and back. The Pregnancy Massage tends to be light pressured.

Private Health Fund rebates apply.

Aromatherapy massage has been used over many years to enhance both emotional and physical health. Aromatherapy is generally a full body massage with the client’s choice of or therapists recommendation of essential oils blended with the massage oil and used throughout the treatment.

The therapist will consult with the client and see what kind of aroma essential oils were preferred; however, the therapist may recommend a different essential oil depending on the need of the client.

Deep tissue massage is a full body firmer pressured massage. The massage techniques are slow, deep strokes to target the inner muscle layers and helps treat musculoskeletal issues.

Relaxation Massage is just like it’s name, gentle, flowing techniques of a lighter pressure that enhances relaxation, helps relieve muscle tension and improves circulation.

The Retreat Special Package is a combination of a body massage (75 min or 90 min) or face and body (90 min and 120 min).

Make your treatment extra special with hot stones or even a customised aroma therapy massage.

The couple’s massage is a great option to celebrate Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or just because!

Both clients will have either 60 or 90 mins massage (choice of Relaxation or Deep Tissue) in a private double room.

Executive Massage

Executive Massage

The RETREAT Executive massage program combines a full body massage with acupressure and reflexology techniques. With two massage therapists working on your body simultaneously, you can choose this intensive massage option if you are short of time or want the benefits of a couple of treatments in the one.

Foot Detox Massage

Retreat Foot Massage &Detox

Some people forget that a lot of pain and stress come from the feet. The Retreat Foot Detox is a popular treatment for clients that stand or sit for long-periods, as well as clients that would a pamper with their loved ones right beside them.



Physiotherapy is the procedure of examining, assessing and treating areas to rehabilitate and improve the client’s ability to function and move. It is a clinical health science treatment where anatomy and physiology is assessed to treat a variety of health conditions.

Private Health Fund rebates apply.

What to Expect

Prior to commencing the massage, the therapist will peruse the Client Intake Form and check which particular areas are of concern and will consult with the client on the massage procedure.

Throughout the massage the therapist will check with the client in regards to the pressure and comfort of the client.

In a 60 min massage session the client can expect to receive a full body massage (shoulders, back, glutes and legs).

After the massage treatment, your choice of coffee or specialty tea will be served for the extra comfort and relaxation before heading back to reality.


Massage is the technique of manipulating soft tissues and stimulates the deeper layer of muscles to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, reduce stress, enhance immunity, eliminate toxins and improve sleep.
A full body massage consists of shoulders, neck, back, legs, arms, hand and feet. If a client does not want certain areas to be massaged please consult with the massage therapist prior to commencing the treatment.
Yes, massage assists with recovery from injuries, increases joint mobility and flexibility. Even if you do not have chronic pain or suffering from an injury, regular massages help stimulation of the lymphatic system, relaxation, assist with anxiety and stress.
As mentioned previously, massage has many benefits to name a few they are enhance immunity, stress relief, improved sleep, reduced muscle tension, improves blood circulation and eliminate stress. Massage followed by a hot organic tea also adds on to the benefits of the treatment.
Massage therapy is effective in many ways. Relaxation and Deep Tissue massage are effective in relieving muscle pain and relaxation and is recommended to recur treatments on a monthly basis. Remedial massage is a process of treating the pain or injury, therefore, doesn’t mean the client will recover in one treatment. The massage therapist will assess the client and will recommend the frequency of the massage required to recover. Once the client has recovered, we recommend them to recur massages on a monthly basis for positive and continued results.
Remedial Massage is a treatment intended to assess, treat and recover problem areas whereas a general relaxation or deep tissue massage therapy is a general massage which covers most areas of the body.
Clients wear only underwear during the treatment. Our professional massage therapist carefully drape the client’s body with towels so they do not feel insecure at any point throughout the treatment.


Retreat Massage and Wellness is located in the Brickworks Centre, Southport.

The Brickworks Centre is a highly established and quality shopping and dining precinct. The Brickworks Centre South have curated a health and well-being area which deliver health, beauty and wellness stores such as our very own Retreat Massage and Wellness and many more stores to complement each other. Located in “Brickworks Centre South” at 11 Brolga Ave, Southport QLD 4215 – we are adjacent to the TSS Junior entrance.

There are communal car parks in the Brickworks Centre as well as street parking available.

Retreat Massage and Wellness is situated in prime location on the Gold Coast – only 7 mins from Surfers Paradise or Broadwater Parklands, Southport. 

The Brickworks Centre
Retreat Massage & Wellness is located in a prominent hub of the Brickworks Centre.

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Other Popular Treatments

Acupuncture Massage


Acupuncture is an oriental therapy that has been used for centuries to effectively relieve acute or chronic pain and assist with prevention or treatment of muscular pain and myophascial dysfunction.

Couples Massage

Couples Massage

An extensive array of options is available for two with our highly customizable Couples Package. You will have the luxury to choose from our collection of signature treatments to design a healing plan that resonates with you.

Day Spa

Health and wellness abound when our dedicated experts. For all bodies big or small, weary or strong, healthy or challenged. We truly love to help our clients feel better, whichever stage of life they are experiencing.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage​

Deeply therapeutic, our pregnancy massage will help you release tension, relax and reconnect with your baby. Wellness therapists perform our pregnancy massage in a supportive environment.


Remedial Massage

We focus on quality remedial massage therapy that delivers results. Remedial massage is ideal for individuals recovering from injuries or who have deep-seated tension in their bodies.

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