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Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast, Southport

Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations on your pregnancy. If you have come across or searched this page you may be eagerly waiting for the birth of a new family member or would like to pamper someone close to you that is pregnant.

Pregnancy (prenatal) massage at Retreat Massage and Wellness is performed by our qualified, educated and experienced Remedial Massage therapists.

It is recommended to seek medical consultation with your GP or obstetrician prior to your pregnancy massage (especially if you have other medical conditions)  once you feel you are ready for a pregnancy massage after your first trimester.

Although you may be experiencing the general aches, pains, spasms and possible dullness our qualified and experienced remedial massage therapists are only able to perform the pregnancy massage with light and gentle strokes – we cannot perform a deep/firm pressured massage on pregnant clients. 

Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast

Pregnancy Massage Services

At Retreat Massage and Wellness, we have a variety of different treatments to suit everybody.

Treat Yourself or a Friend

We all need a good massage after a long day/week, to reward ourselves for all the hard work we do, but we all know of a pregnant friend that needs the pamper from a pregnancy massage.
Pregnancy Massage Gift Vouchers available.

Pregnancy massage is a great gift to yourself and your body. The pain, heaviness, muscle tension and occasional tightness throughout the pregnancy is normal and it is also normal to look after your body during this precious time. There are so many things to do, so much energy required to prepare for your bub’s arrival where the mum-to-be often neglects or forgets to look after themselves.

Ease the Pain & Aches

Ease the pain and aches, tension and the general discomfort of carrying a little bub. Some mum-to-be are natural and others find it difficult – no pregnancy is the same – so we make sure our pregnant clients are treated properly and carefully. There have been some researches that pregnancy massage reduces stress, decrease in shoulder, back and leg pain and lowers anxiety – so that can be your excuse to pamper yourself.

Pillows and bolsters are used to help the pregnant client to lie on their side for the massage to be performed – this side-lying position is recommended especially during the later stages of the pregnancy. At Retreat Massage and Wellness, we do have the pregnancy pillow set which lets the client lay tummy down – however, our massage therapists prefer the client to lay on their side to avoid any discomfort during and after the treatment even if bub isn’t too big – it is also best practice laying on your side for the later stages.

It is highly important that pregnant women have minimal stress and try stay healthy during the pregnancy so they can be ready for the arrival of their new bub(s). At Retreat Massage and Wellness, we believe both Men’s and Women’s health and well-being is very important – and we try and cater for all clients.

Private Health Fund rebates apply.

Qualified massage Therapists

Let our qualified massage therapist carefully and properly relieve the aches and pain, reduce your stress hormones and get a good night sleep before your bundle of joy arrives.

Retreat Massage and Wellness is centrally located at Brolga Ave, Southport. No need to travel out of the Gold Coast to get a good massage, we are here to relax, relieve and restore your body.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Pregnancy Massage can claim for Private Health Insurance Rebates.

Recently, many pregnant women have sought alternative therapies during their pregnancy to assist with pain relief throughout the 9 months as well as for preparation of labour. Once you go into labour, if your partner or family member can remember to massage you it will relieve the pain.

Although some clients may be used to the deep tissue massages prior to their pregnancy, our pregnancy massages are generally lighter pressured massages for the safety of both mum and bub.

Once you have given birth and received the clearance from your doctor, our Remedial Massage option is available.


It is highly recommended to receive adequate consultation from your GP or Obstetrician prior to having a Pregnancy Massage. No pregnancy is the same and our massage therapists cannot diagnose or prescribe anything so best to check first.

Our qualified and experienced Remedial Massage Therapists make the treatment as safe and relaxing for both mum and bub.

Pregnancy massage is usually performed after the first trimester. Pregnancy massage may be seen as a luxury to some, but it is beneficial to relieve the pain and general discomfort that comes with carrying a tiny human (or humans) during the pregnancy. Pregnancy should only be performed by qualified, educated and experienced massage therapists as it is a very delicate and important to massage the right areas.

The pregnancy massage is the same as a regular massage. Come in comfortable clothing and once in the treatment room, we will give you privacy to undress down to your underpants.

Pregnancy massage is $119 for 45 mins for those who are minimum 12 weeks pregnant. This treatment can be claimed with Private Health Insurance – please check with your Private Health Insurance provider if you are eligible.

How to Get Here

Retreat Massage and Wellness is centrally located at Brolga Ave, Southport. No need to travel out of the Gold Coast to get a good massage, we are here to relax, relieve and restore your body.

The Brickworks Centre
Retreat Massage & Wellness is located in a prominent hub of the Brickworks Centre.

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