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Remedial Massage Gold Coast, Southport

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage may sound hard, firm and scary; however, it is a great treatment when your body suffers from chronic pain, you have been in an injury or feel tension and strains.

Remedial massage is often misunderstood or confused with other modalities of treatments such as sports massage, deep tissue, physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic. The main reason for this confusion is that may physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors know how to perform Remedial Massage and offer remedial massage services to their clients.

Remedial Massage Gold Coast
Relax. Restore. Revitalise

Remedial Massage Gold Coast

At Retreat Massage and Wellness, we have a variety of different treatments to suit everybody.

Remedial Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage

Many prospective clients do not know the difference between Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage. Some classify it as the different technique and others classify it with Private Health Fund claims or not.

Both are correct!

Remedial Massage is a treatment is classified as a complementary therapy which helps to treat muscles that have been damaged or injured. In the name of the massage it is a remedy, applying pressure and using techniques to mobilise and get the body functioning as per usual.

Deep Tissue on the other hand is an all-over full body massage that is a firmer pressured massage.

Qualified Remedial Massage Therapists

At Retreat Massage and Wellness, the majority of our massage therapists are qualified remedial massage therapists whom have a combined experience of over 60 years!

It is critical that you are treated by an educated, qualified and experienced Remedial Therapist. As it is a systematic assessment of your condition, it is paramount that the therapist knows what the essence of the problem is. It is also recommended that you choose one therapist and try and stick with the one therapist so they can see gradual improvement, constantly changing your therapist may lead to multiple “initial consultations”.

Private Health Fund rebates apply.

Remedial Massage Benefits

Remedial Massage is effective and the benefits consist of joint mobility, restoration/repair of damaged muscles/tissues, stimulate blood supply as well as correct / align your posture. The treatment is also used to stabilising the muscles on daily problems such as headaches, migraines, lower back pain or neck and should pain. Another research has found that remedial massage also helps the healing of scar tissue from surgeries and flushes the body of lymph fluids that causes bloating an in sever cases cancer.

Not only is a Remedial Massage great for treating your aches and pains – but it is a great way to maintain and sustain your body to be mobilised and function accordingly. The remedial massage treatment is also a drug-free approach with treating your symptoms without insertion or application of medicine – it is a great way to relieve the chronic pain and help you get back to your daily regime.

Not Just a Pamper

Remedial massage is known to be therapeutic or healing massage for its effectiveness and benefits to healing our ailments. However, it is not only beneficial for after an injury or damage it is also used as a prevention method especially for the active.

Trained professionals who study the anatomy and physiology and they have a vast understanding of the body, conditions as well as techniques required for treating the clients. The results vary depending on how severe the injury/pain, the effort of the client as well as the technique of the therapist. Our Remedial therapists are here to assist with removing the discomfort of the pain/injury from the root of the cause.

Private Health Insurance

At Retreat Massage and Wellness, you, you can claim for rebates on your Private Health Insurance with Remedial Massage, Acupuncture, Myotherapy and Physiotherapy.


Remedial Massage is a treatment that aims to mobilise, recover and relieve chronic pain, damages to the muscles, injuries as well as assist with relieving headaches and migraines. It is performed by qualified and educated massage therapists.

The client and Remedial Massage therapist will have a quick consultation prior to the treatment and make a treatment plan, so both parties understand the procedure and requirements of the treatment. The Remedial Massage therapist will massage, manipulate and use techniques to relieve the muscle tension, mobilise the body and assist with recovering the damaged muscles.

Remedial Massage is a technical treatment which only qualified and educated therapists should perform – it helps with treating an injury or chronic pain. Deep tissue is a full body massage with generally a firm pressure that targets the deeper layer of muscle and tissues.

Depending on the condition of each client, after the initial remedial massage treatment, the therapist will recommend the frequency of weekly, fortnightly or monthly. With the amount of time we sit at a computer or on our phones it is recommended to receive regular remedial massage treatments to help the body be relieved of pain, tension and stress.

Where to find us

Located at a convenient location in Southport, Gold Coast. If you are planning to have a lunch date or quick retail therapy at the Brickworks Centre, Southport or even have plans for holidays to the Gold Coast, stop by the Retreat Massage and Wellness centre to restore, relax and rejuvenate your body!

The Brickworks Centre
Retreat Massage & Wellness is located in a prominent hub of the Brickworks Centre.

Participating Health Funds

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