Myotherapy – what is it and how can it benefit you?

‘Pain erasure – The Bonnie Prudden Way’ The term ‘Myotherapy’ was developed by Bonnie Prudden.  Prudden was an American pioneer in physical fitness and health. Prudden developed Myotherapy in 1976 as ‘a method of relaxing muscle spasm, improving circulation and alleviating pain’.      Prudden credited three key individuals in the 1940s who inspired her to develop

How to be healthy with deep tissue massage benefits

Deep tissue massage vs sports massage –how are they different? You’re feeling a deep ache somewhere in your body.  You want to go for a massage.  Your friend tells you to book a sports massage.  Your neighbour says go for deep tissue massage instead.  How can you tell whether deep tissue massage or sports massage

Give yourself the best chance in sports with a sport massage

The science behind sport massage Athletes have been turning to post-exercise massage to facilitate recovery for many years.  Sports massage therapy is an effective tool to manage pain, treat sports injury and speed recovery. Sports massage is the physical manipulation of the body tissues with rhythmical pressure and movement to promote health and wellbeing.  These

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